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My name is Michael J. John, I am a 2006 graduate of the MSSE program, offered by the Institute of Technology at the University of Minnesota.  In order to complete my degree, I  need to carry out an independent "Plan B" project, sometimes referred to as a "Capstone" project.  Traditionally this means producing a written report that is then presented orally to an examination committee. 

At first I assumed I would produce a report like all those who had gone before me.  My fear was that, were I to produce such a report, no one (beyond my examination committee) would ever read it.  I instead asked for permission to create a report in the form of a website.  These pages build on work that has been in progress for a very long while, (more than 7 years).  My fervent hope is that someone else will read what I have written, download the XmlObject Framework and examples, and do something useful with them.  In this way my work can possibly live on.

As I work on these pages I hope to anticipate and answer your questions.  However, if something is not clear or you have questions or criticisms please contact me using the SourceForge link below.

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msse06 at users dot sourceforge dot net